Mayor of the Southern City reign of Amenophis III, 1450-1425 BC.
    Sennufer was the Mayor of the Southern City (Thebes) and Overseer of the Gardens of Amun, in the reign of *Amenophis III. His subterranean rock-cut tomb at Sheikh Abd el Qurna, Thebes, was beautifully and appropriately decorated. Approached down a steep flight of steps, the pillared hall of the tomb-chapel opens off the ante-chamber; the irregular, rock-cut ceiling is decorated with paintings consisting of a network pattern and of a vine hung with grapes. The figures of Sennufer and his wife/sister Merit are depicted in the wall-scenes and on the sides of the pillars, and thus appear to undertake their various activities beneath the vine painting on the ceiling. The funerary ceremonies are shown, a priest offers a sacrifice to the couple as they sit at a table and, on another occasion, he pours a libation over them. There is also a particularly fine scene that depicts the boats which transported the deceased's mummy to Abydos on a final pilgrimage before taking it to the Theban burial place.
    Bibl. Zabern, P. von. Sennefer: Die grabkammer des BUrgermeisters von Theben. Mainz: 1990.
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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